About Lochenlode

LochenlodeBooksFounded in A.D. 2000, Lochenlode has built a list of high-quality mass market and trade paperbacks for North American and worldwide readers. Our premier series of books are the mystery suspense novels  written by Canadian author Lance Rucker. This intriguing adventure series, featuring information agent Brandon Drake, is now available directly from Lochenlode Publishers, Amazon.com  and in selected bookstores across the U.S. and Canada. Media events scheduled for the Brandon Drake series are listed in an Events section of this website. Participants at upcoming events will have the opportunity to purchase.


Lance Rucker is the author of four Brandon Drake novels, more than 100 magazine stories and articles, and dozens of non-fiction works. To find out more about Lance Rucker, click here.


Readers can order copies of books directly from the publisher.

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